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Worrying About Things When They Happen When Starting A Business

Today a person came up with a proposition for me if I was interested in starting this business with him where at first it would be very casual as he figured it would be more of a side thing. My immediate thought was I didn’t know if I could commit to it and was saying since it physically requires me to be there what would happen if I can’t make it one day as an example? Then what? Or what if there are too many requests?

His answer to me was kind of interesting as he told me to not focus on that so much because if that actually did happen he could talk to a lot of people to help out. Because if it did reach that point he knew exactly who to go to and that could be assign that he could do it full time. That’s an interesting perspective in the sense of sometimes we think way too much when starting something.

At the same time what is the right balance in preparing for unexpected events and preparing too much when you aren’t there yet? The only thing I could really think of is if you aren’t really losing then it doesn’t hurt to try where you always have the option to keep going or not. It’s when you decide to go all in that I would be a bit more concerned. People often say too the successful people fail all the time which is actually a part of the whole process. So if it is a semi safe risk of sorts then why not in many ways? Like there I would say thinking too much is kind of an obstacle.

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