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Worrying About The Look of Your Transportation

I was recently looking at this new foldable e-bike which at first sounded pretty good to me as I am always on the lookout for some kind of portable transportation that isn’t a large car since I enjoy walking a lot. At times it just makes more sense to have something motorized. However, I was a bit turned off by the weight of the item. One comment I did notice from people though was how the item looked like a toy and as a result people wouldn’t feel comfortable use it in the public due to the image perception. So regardless if it worked for them the item not looking cool is enough to say no.

That reminded me of another story where a person told me that he simply replaced his car with an electric scooter which saved him so much money. But because it is a scooter he would often get these weird stares from people because seeing a grown man ride these things looks kind of silly to many. But he just remembers that at the end of the day it works for him and he saves a ton of money in doing so.

Do you ever let things like the design look of your potential transportation choice stop you from actually using it? It still is kind of fascinating when there are so many practical options to do things cheaper but we don’t because it doesn’t look fashionably good. Almost like not eating a tasty dish when you are hungry because it looks unappealing.

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