Working With The People Who Care

Working With The People Who Care

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Today I was thinking as I got a phone call from a person that I was helping for a particular project. I wanted to try my best as usually in these cases I treat their business as if it was my own. So while I was doing various work I got a call from the person as they wanted to make sure I was taken care of financially and that everything was okay. I was actually just so focused again with the mindset that it was my own business that I didn’t really pay attention honestly to things like receiving payment.

For the record you should always get paid first for these contract type of work but I obviously already had a working relationship with them. But even after that the person was discussing about everything they were doing in the future and essentially wanting me to be a part of it because they wanted to see everyone succeed and get something out of it.

It made me think because it is actually very rare to find people who are equally and genuinely as concerned about making sure people are taken care of with the same energy that you give to provide the best results. I immediately thought of another person who I essentially helped in the same manner and these two actually happen to be in the exact same industry and position. Except one person is actually doing stuff and the other is still struggling.

The main difference is the person who is struggling always seems to be more concerned about his self-image where people are simply a means to get what he wants. As you can imagine, not many people stick around with him. That’s kind of what happened with me providing him support as an example. You often even learn that in a typical corporate environment where if you take care of the people they will take care of the profits.

From my personal experience, if the person isn’t immediately as caring towards your well-being from the start it might be best to invest that time with those who do instead.

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