Working With The Less Established Rather Than More

Working With The Less Established Rather Than More

I was reading an interesting article recently where there were a lot of people complaining how they couldn’t succeed as they felt everyone got their big break by collaborating with someone who is already established. There was a counter argument to this where various examples were given on how many times people started by collaborating with those who are even in a less fortunate position than they were. Bottom line was they created that network and community a lot faster that way which ultimately was their road to success.

I personally feel in situations like it ultimately comes down to finding a network of like-minded people to work with. While I am sure it is more productive per se to work with people who are already established the foundation is always the same I feel. Start finding people who share common goals and values in whatever it is you are trying to do work and business wise.

Everyone starts somewhere right? Don’t underestimate how valuable everyone in your support network of sorts can be.

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