Wondering Why It Is So Cheap
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Wondering Why It Is So Cheap

I was reading this sale that No Frills is going to have this coming week as apparently a lot of items will be on sale for a dollar or two. From what I saw it is a lot of stuff such as meat, fruits and vegetables. This sounds like a deal that needs to be checked out. I was just thinking too why is it so cheap? For example, is the company just trying to unload everything that has an expiry date that is creeping up very soon?

This is one of those things too where you probably can’t buy as much as you want since you have to consume the items in a decent amount of time. Another thought tat came to my mind is that it’s not unusual to find super cheap grocery prices from smaller places and so this could just be a case of how we are just so used to paying premium prices for this items for the sheer convenience of buying it from these stores. Either way, I’m going to have a look at the sale when it comes.

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