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Why Wouldn’t You Do It For Yourself If You Can

Today I was listening to all these podcasts in hopes to learn new stuff and one of then talked about procrastination and people hanging around with others who in a sense encourage them to not take action when it comes to their life and ventures. Then a short while later I was reading a person who was trying to find talent for his business but when with the route of promising future compensation if he became successful. Always a red flag of course.

What he was asking for was very general too such as he wanted someone to create movies for him that would go viral where once he is successful he will pay whoever it was that helped him with it. It got me thinking where for a situation like that if you are doing all the work and essentially still taking the risk why wouldn’t you just do it for yourself instead of someone else?

My only thought is that maybe sometimes we would like to believe that having more people increases the chance of success. Or at the same time it somehow provides a better cushion if things were to fail. This is usually only true if the agreement is truly 50/50 where everyone is getting the equal risk and profit. In like this example though it’s almost literally like large employer saying work for free and if they have enough money at the end of the week you will get paid. Like there you are acting as if you own the business too. So why not think of ways to do it on your own? Even start small if you have to.

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