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Final Thoughts and Review

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When I first decided to read Why We Want You To Be Rich, as mentioned it was more out of curiosity and wanting to try something new as I don’t normally read books about getting rich as in my opinion it’s all about taking action and reading a hundred books about making money won’t necessarily be the answer to one’s financial woes. Since a lot of people asked me about these types of things I figured why not? It was an interesting experience too having to blog about each chapter right after reading it. I guess the bottom line in reading a book like this that everyone is wondering is whether or not one can really learn how to become rich by reading the book.

My initial thoughts before reading the book was that it was going to basically contain information on the various things that Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump have done to become wealthy and the types of opportunities that you can take advantage of today. In a more skeptical view, I was also prepared to read a book that contained a lot of indirect advertisements for both of their company and services.

Very early into the book, it became apparent that the direction of the book wasn’t intended to tell people what to do to become rich, but rather why you would want to be financially independent without the aid of say money from the government. There were many interesting stories and perspectives in regards to the issues around us and for myself I found a lot of the perspectives on what they feel makes a person successful to be true.

While reading through the book, it was kind of disappointing that it felt like the entire book was basically written by Robert Kiyosaki with Donald Trump basically agreeing with his points and then throwing in his own comments. While I never read Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad books, it also felt like a lot of the details in this book were modified information taken from that book as he would frequently cross reference to it. Honestly too, a lot of the main points of the book such as the importance of financial literacy seems like it could have been done with maybe only ten chapters as it consistently seemed like points were simply being reiterated.

For the most part, I didn’t really learn anything new in terms of what to do and how you should think when it comes to business and money. The ironic thing is because of that it made me enjoy the book more than I normally would have compared to if I was someone who was struggling to get by financially. The reason for this is that a lot of the points they say hits close to home for me as it’s true in terms of the type of mentality and commitment one needs to have in order to be successful. It’s kind of like saying if you were involved in a relationship with someone that turned out to be a complete mismatch, watching a show about something similar will probably be more entertaining for you as you can personally relate to what’s happening and being said.

I would say the book is definitely not so much about what to do in regards to specific advice and direction to make things happen for yourself, but rather it is more like a motivational book that tries to convince you on why it is better for you to take control of your own life. I personally see this book with three different perspectives depending on one’s experience and personality:

1) Established Entrepreneur – This book is a reminder on the basic principles and foundation on what needs to be done to be successful. You have probably experienced most of what is said in the book and so the information is simply re-worded and re-told based around someone else’s experience in what is most likely a different industry than what you are in. At the same time, it can be interesting and entertaining to read about how other’s think when it comes to business and the economy.

2) Person Wanting To Find Specific Ways To Get Rich – There is a lot of content but very little substance on actual ways to get you started in becoming financially independent. There is a constant barrage of advertisements about Robert Kiyosaki’s business and in the end it seems like the only thing you can do is read more books about the subject matter. After continuously reading reiterated points on why it is bad to be poor and how successful the two authors are, you will probably leave with a negative view of the book and will probably conclude to something along the lines of the only reason they wrote the book was ultimately to make themselves richer.

3) A Complete Newbie – Reading the book will probably open your mind on a lot of topics such as learning how to leverage your time and money. The book feels like a decent starter in terms of warming up your way of thinking to help prepare you in learning more on how to be successful in business and financial management. While the advice in the book can sound very cliché, nonetheless it holds true in regards to what successful people do.

Overall, I found the book to be entertaining while being able to learn different ways of interpreting similar beliefs when it comes to business and finance. In some ways, the fact that I didn’t really learn anything new made me feel a little cheated as I know that I don’t know everything there is to know about business and money. I always like to learn new things and it would have been great to walk out with at least one new point that I could incorporate into my lifestyle. I did have fun blogging about it though and I’m still kind of amazed that I was actually able to do it everyday until I finished it despite having a lot of other things to do as well. The funny thing too was that I actually blogged about a lot of the points addressed in the book which makes me wonder if I should find someone to write a book with too to hopefully help inspire people. That would be fun I think. But, that will be for another time maybe.

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