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Chapter 27

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Why Do You Recommend Network Marketing?

Robert starts out with his take on the Network Marketing industry. He mentions how when he first learned about the industry, he was against it. After learning about the industry and its business model more thoroughly, he began to see the good points of it. Kiyosaki tries to address people’s concerns first on how everyone associates network marketing as a pyramid scheme. He uses an example that I have seen used many times on how a corporation is actually a typical example of a business that utilizes a pyramid structure. For example, on the top you would have the CEO of a company and on the bottom you would have all of the other employees and how the people at the top make most of the money. In a true network marketing company, he explains how it is the other way around as the business relies in trying to bring people to the top or else it will fail.

He then talks about how starting a network marketing business can allow you to do tax write offs as it would be a business operation for yourself and the key reason that he seems to recommend it is that companies usually have a great training program and are devoted in helping to train you to become successful whereas in a typical corporation you would probably be fired if you didn’t produce results in a timely fashion. As an added bonus, you will frequently get to meet like-minded people and is one of the more affordable ways to start a business compared to traditional methods.

Donald Trump seems to be a little more cautious in his recommendation as while he sees it as a great way for someone to start their own business he stresses the importance of finding a company that has a great product that you can personally vouch for first. He also mentions that the business is inherently a social one and so shy people or individuals who are afraid to meet new people should think twice before diving into a company.

I referenced my past post about network marketing a little earlier and I think my opinion about the industry is fairly similar. That example used by Robert about corporations being a pyramid scheme due to its structure is something that I have seen used many times and it often creates large debates between a lot of people from what I have seen. Although for most people I think that example isn’t used so much as a method to try and degrade the way corporations operate, but rather to help open up people’s mind about network marketing in general.

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