Chapter 29
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Chapter 29

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Leaders Are Teachers

This looks like the final chapter of the book. Robert mostly talks about the traits of a leader and how the intent of the book was to help inspire you to become one. In his view, being a leader is like being a role model where people look up to you and how as a leader people would be inspired to move forward despite having fear and uncertainties. He then also talks about the mentality of a leader and how you have to throw old bad habits away. For example, if you want to be an entrepreneur then the employee in you must die and he also used his personal weight loss accomplishment as an example on how if he wanted to be thin he knew the fat and lazy person in him must go.

Robert then mentions about how leaders have a vision and can successfully get people who couldn’t see it before to do so. In the end, he talks about how his rich dad was able to teach him a lot which gave him a vision of his future while at the same time it was entirely up to him in regards to how his future would mold out. That is essentially his idea of a great leader and basically a great leader can teach people to see.

Donald Trump basically summarizes how he hopes that the book has provided one enough insight and guidelines to start taking action in life and how both Robert and himself hopes that they have empowered you to succeed.

My personal quick thought about a leader is kind of the same where basically it’s someone who has the ability to make the people around him/her better. I’ve met a lot of hard working and successful people in various industries and professions, but finding people who can truly inspire and lead others to be the best is a rare find. It looks like that is it too for the book. I’ll wrap up my thoughts about the book and all tomorrow.

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