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Chapter 25

Why Do Some People Who Want To Be Rich…Fail To Be Rich?

Aside from the more common answers such as one not having enough determination to become financially free, the main topic that Robert and Donald dive into this chapter is how one needs to be in the right environment to become successful. Some of Robert’s examples was how associating with the right people provides him with a wealth of support in becoming rich. He used his old job with the Xerox Corporation as an example and how his supervisors would mention that it was against company policy to work on his own business and therefore the environment that he was in was not ideal if he wished to become rich.

Donald also expresses his opinions on the matter with a similar tone where the key is to be in the right environment. In this chapter, he also throws in a comment how there is absolutely no advantage to being poor and how poverty hurts everyone in the long run. As in the previous chapters, he mentions on how one should not focus on the negative points of a bad situation but rather one should focus on the solution.

I think associating with the right people for any situation will help you in becoming successful. There are so many times where I have met people who simply have a negative outlook in life and at the same time they try to encourage you to see things with their eyes. I often like the apple analogy that I hear used in business a lot where they say one rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch which is so true.

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