Chapter 28
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Chapter 28

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Why Do You Recommend Starting Your Own Business?

Looks like this is the second last chapter in the book which means it is coming to an end soon. For Robert’s view, he mainly expresses how being a business owner provides him with the ability to control his own future and how being an entrepreneur allows him to experience new things everyday. To learn to become an entrepreneur, he recommends finding a network marketing company with a great training program to join as it is one of the least expensive ways to learn the ropes of running your own business and to commit to it for at least 5 years. For people who have more money and are prepared to take a bigger plunge, he suggests looking into purchasing a franchise as you will be trained on how to run a business. He does mention that this is a very expensive route though such as how a McDonald’s franchise requires you to have at least one million dollars.

When one starts a business, being persistent is the key to success and to help keep you on track Robert Kiyosaki emphasizes the benefits on having a personal coach or mentor. Of course, he then plugs in his company and how it offers these types of services. He brings up a past point on how people that want more security receive less freedom which works the other way around as well. Overall, he recommends starting a business as it provides you with the freedom to control your own life.

Donald Trump begins by immediately mentioning how not everyone is fit to be an entrepreneur and there are many times that he has told this to people who he felt didn’t have what it takes to be one as he would feel personally responsible if he encouraged someone to do so and then learned that they ended up failing. In general, his main point in recommending one to become a business owner is that while it requires a lot of work, with it comes with vast rewards. Not just from a financial view, but he talks about how it is a great feeling knowing that you built something and watching it grow as it represents yourself as well.

For me, I guess the best thing about being an entrepreneur is like they say you have control over your future. Now when you say this to people they think control only in the sense that basically people like it because you set your own hours and so fourth. Instead, it’s the accountability as well where I personally hate it when people whine or make excuses such as their job is boring, they don’t make enough money, etc. Being an entrepreneur means that if you ever complain about something, just look in the mirror as you have no one to blame but yourself. Of course, it is definitely not for everyone.

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