Chapter 10
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Chapter 10

Winners Take Control

As the title implies, this chapter was mostly about how successful people like to have control over their business and how successful they can become. Kiyosaki used a real estate investor as an example and stated that these are the six key areas that they want control over:

1) Income
2) Expense
3) Asset
4) Liability
5) Management
6) Insurance

He then mentions that his book Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches you on how to control these items. Kiyosaki then brought up that an example of being able to take control of a situation is a person being able to increase sales and reducing expenses in a company. To do this, one needs to know how to sell. Him being an author was his example on how he does not consider himself a best-writing author, but he is a best-selling author. There are a lot of other great authors out there, but not knowing how to sell plays a big role in their success as well.

Now the most interesting paragraph I thought was how afterwards he mentioned that Donald Trump and himself recommends and supports network marketing or direct sales companies as a way to teach people on how to sell as most companies offer a great personal development and sales-training program. Kiyosaki basically wraps it up by saying that you have very little control over your income if you don’t know how to sell and that once you learn the art of leveraging you should find out what you need to do to ensure that you have control over your future.

Donald Trump mostly emphasizes the importance of financial education and recognizing on when an idea is good or bad. When it comes to keeping control of things, he used his own employees as an example on how he does not micromanage them, but with the attitude that ultimately any type of task is his responsibility, that means he is essentially in control of everything at all times. He then ends by saying while we don’t have complete control of everything in general, we do have control over ourselves which is what you can improve on and that taking responsibility is what winners do.

This is one of those chapters that gave me that incomplete feel which seemed to serve as a way to encourage you to by another book to get the full details. For the most part, this chapter felt like a motivational type of article to me personally. I am still surprised about the network marketing recommendation not because I don’t think that people cannot learn a lot of sales technique by joining a company, but rather it is the first time I have seen anyone recommend getting involved in that industry in this way considering how negative that term usually is for most people. I also wrote in a previous entry about network marketing and direct sales for those who are interested.

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