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Chapter 16

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What Did You Learn From School

The chapters seem to be getting smaller. This was pretty quick as well. For Robert, he mentions how he constantly flunked English. Regardless, his SAT scores were good. While debating about taking a job with the Naval Academy since the pay was very good, he decided to take a job with Standard Oil of California. Because of that, he got to learn and travel a lot. He mentions how in school despite having failed English twice, his teach Dr. Norton kept encouraging him to write and if it wasn’t for him Kiyosaki may have never been as successful as he is today.

Donald Trump mentions how he was a good student and would always try to do more than what was required. He felt that too many students were focused too much academically as oppose to what is happening in the real world. This is what Trump says was his advantage as he would often see what’s happening in the real business world.

I think what I learned most from school was stepping out of my comfort zone and realizing that if I really wanted to do something I could. There are too many examples to write, but I guess the one that I remember the most was how one of the instructors kept pushing me to do film and theatre related work and boy was I ever the opposite of someone who would want to be in the spotlight. I was one of those typical guys who was into games and technology. Maybe I’ll write about it in-depth one day, but long story short I was happy to play an integral role in breaking a stereotype that an Asian person could not be successful in the film and theatre program as I helped the school bring in a lot of awards. Guess that mindset has lived on with me in business and life in general as well.

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