Chapter 17
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Chapter 17

How Did Military School Help Define Your Life?

For Robert Kiyosaki, he talks about how military life taught him discipline and leadership skills. When he was younger his goal was to simply do something that would allow him to travel the world, drink beer and meet a lot of exotic women (What he says at least). In the academy, he was severely punished whenever he did bad things and also had to play the role of the leader for new students trying to find loopholes in the system just like he did. He mentions that his defining moment was how he was practicing to be a pilot with his instructor pretending that he was being shot at while flying and it made it apparent that he was not very good and needed practice. The quote his instructor gave him was “The trouble with this business is that there is no second place. Only one pilot comes home alive.” That quote is what Robert associates with business in general and taking risks. As he implies, the main risk is not so much the situation itself, but rather being unprepared.

For Donald Trump, military school taught him the art of negotiating. He mentioned how he was confronted by a former drill sergeant and that he was no match to him physically. Instead, he began to relate and showed respect to the person which created a mutual respect between the two. He also met a history buff there who was studying WWII and figured that the guy knew everything there was to it. However, the person then mentioned how the more he read the more he realized on how much he did not know which shows that he will never truly learn everything. Donald Trump has kept that philosophy with him in business and tried to learn something new everyday. Lastly, Trump mentions how military school has taught him how to be involved in a large situation without losing one’s identity.

I’ve never been into military school myself, but I guess I have done similar things such as being involved in a club or organization that requires you to be extremely discipline. Guess the whole point of things like these is to grow as a person and to learn new skills.

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