Chapter 15
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Chapter 15

What Did You Learn From Your Mother

The chapter overall was very short. Robert Kiyosaki talks about how his mom had a gentle and warm personality and would always try to encourage Robert to lose that rugged personality that he had. At the age of 48, his mom passed away. One day while on duty in Vietnam, he encountered some boys who he felt was a Viet Cong as they kept going into his helicopter and playing around with the artillery. After a scuffle, he was going to shoot the kid as his pistol was right against the boys head. While in a rage, he looked into the boy’s eye and saw him crying and he then thought that he heard his mom’s voice to tell him to stop and how she has tried so hard to convince him to be kinder to people. Afterwards, he also broke into tears and decided to not kill the boy. He knew afterwards that the marine corps was not for him anymore and that instead of fighting with weapons for the country he would do it with what he says is the wisdom of his father and the compassion of his mother.

Donald Trump’s key point was that his mother gave him advice as a kid with the main quote being “Trust in God and be true to yourself” which he feels has been a wise saying that covers so much for himself in life. Because of things like that, he mentions how a lot of times like when he came up with things like the quote “Think Big” that he was thinking about his mother.

For myself, I can honestly say that I learned to be the way that I am in a lot of ways due to the type of things that I have seen my mom go through. For example, as a kid I have always seen my mom go out of her way to help people which would often cause herself burden from doing so and would also create stress if the person turns out to simply be taking advantage of her. They say kids are smarter than you think and that was definitely true in my case as while growing up and knowing the type of things that happened to my mom, it made me grow up to become more analytical whether it is simply trying to find out if a person is misleading you or by thinking ahead on whether or not what you are going to do is truly the best and right way to do it.

Financial management is also something I learned indirectly from my mom as when I was a kid she was working for Public Works of Canada and was trying to be a full time mom. For the most part, my older brother would often get the things that teenagers would in some ways expect such as the parents buying them their first car and all. Now obviously we were not wealthy and so that meant that I was unable to receive similar offerings. But, realizing the amount of work and effort that my mom went through in terms of making money made me realize that there has to be a better way and I’m glad that has turned out to be the case thus far for myself. Till this day, my mom always mentions how she feels bad that I never really got much compared to my older brother in terms of financial support and how if she ever won the lottery she would want to give it to me. For me, it’s the thought that counts and I guess you can say I have grown up to be generous in a similar sense and learning from her challenges has helped me to avoid bad dealings. I guess you really do learn a lot from your parents.

On an off topic note, there was a weird error at the end of the chapter where the top header says that it is “Chapter Twenty-Four” for some reason.

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