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Chapter 11

Right-Brain and Left-Brain Creativity

Robert Kiyosaki talks about how the brain is divided into a left and right hemisphere. Essentially, the left side of the brain is responsible for linear thinking and logic while the right side the brain is for more outlandish and creative thoughts. Typically speaking, a left-brain dominant person would lean towards being say an accountant while a right-brain dominant person could be an artist. He mentioned some details on how when people are born the brain is actually undivided. Once a person reaches to about 4-5 years old, the brain then starts to split and develop into a left and right hemisphere. Kiyosaki then comments how the education system tends to cater a left-brain dominant individual.

He then talks about how as a child Winston Churchill experienced this brain flash phenomenon which would stun him and he would actually be able to explain the whole experience. The theory is that a “flash of genius” ignited from the right brain and took time to travel to the left which enabled him to talk about it. Kiyosaki then questions if this phenomenon is a technique used by God or our creators as a way to send us new information. Getting a bit supernatural for a business and finance book huh? Basically, being able to use your right and left brain can help you become rich. The more creative you can be while still having control of a situation will result in a greater chance of you becoming wealthy. He uses many examples for this such as if you take a bad piece of property and spruce it up a bit with say a new paint job, the value of the property will increase. Obtain control of a situation and then get creative.

Donald Trump writes mostly about how he has had a flash moment in a similar sense, but it was a memory flash. When he visited Robert Kiyoaski’s Rich Dad offices, based on the design and structure of the offices, even though they seemed compact he was able to see clearly how it represented creativity and control which is how he views Kiyosaki’s business. Trump then mentions how his organization shares a similar attribute. Donald Trump considers creativity as a factor that directly affects one’s intuition which is important for business. As with Kiyosaki’s comments, Trump emphasizes how having control and creativity can help you achieve the best results and to do that you need to learn to listen to your left and right brain.

I felt like I was reading a science and theory book in this chapter. About those brain flash moments, I would normally be inclined to take information like that with a grain of salt, but in this case I actually remember an event like that when I was younger which I have talked about casually to friends and colleagues. Long story short, in elementary I would frequently have to do these multiplication tests where the class was given a maximum of about five minutes to answer as much as you can on this sheet of paper that had about 150 questions. I was able to get through like say 90 questions before the time was up.

One day, I was doing some practice questions in the math book and for some reason I just stared at the question. I knew what the answer to the question was, but instead of writing it down I just kept looking at the numbers. A few moments later, I experienced this weird flash moment where it felt like something woke up or clicked in the brain. I can’t think of a better word for it at this moment, but like the above I guess you can say I was stunned for like 4 seconds and at the same time I was aware that something was happening in terms of information going from one side of the brain to the other. For some reason I then took the pencil, looked at the questions very quickly and answered everything at a rapid pace as if it was second nature. After that day, I was the best math student in the class and was able to answer those 150 multiplication questions in less than 3 minutes. Since then though, I have been exposed to more creative subjects and so I don’t consider myself a dominant left-brain thinker, but instead I think it has helped me to balance between thinking things over logically and creatively.

I personally didn’t learn too much in this chapter, but it got me to write down this experience for the first time ever, so that’s cool.

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