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Why Not Take Advantage of AGLOCO More?

Alright, so everyone read about AGLOCO on one of my previous entries and asked since it is an early start up program that has the potential to enable people to earn money without any financial risk just like All Advantage then why am I not pushing it harder yet? In most people’s view, assuming it does go very big then everyone who starts off early despite it being in a beta phase at this point will benefit enormously as all of the early adopters/promoters will have the advantage of having already built up a large network of users before it becomes something big. In general, it would be like owning a lot of shares in a company during its infancy and as the company becomes bigger your stocks will be worth so much more. I guess for most people they dream about investing in a company like Microsoft during its beginning as they know how much they would of made if they did so.

In short, I do have plans to promote it because as I mentioned just like All Advantage in the past no one seemed to have loss sleep or money over the program since it was free and people were actually making money out of it. On top of that, it definitely was not a scam of any sort, but as everyone saw it just had a bad business plan as it seemed like they were paying people more money than they were bringing in from advertisers. So yes, stay tune as I do plan to take advantage of it but thought that I would start it during the New Years with the Christmas holiday happening and all.

For all the eager beavers out there, I created a new topic section just for this as I think it will be an interesting journey to document it all as well regardless if it turns out to be a huge success or a bust. I’m expecting a bit of everything from both sides of the fence in terms of people who will promote it like there is no tomorrow to people who think AGLOCO is simply a scam.

I guess there is no harm in saying this now, but my plan is to try and build my own community of AGLOCO users where I will attempt to also help them to build up their own network as well. Like most things with online marketing, its usually a few people who can really capture a large portion of the market share while others are left in the dust. For all the people who sign up through myself personally or through my blog for example, since in this program you can still technically benefit from a new user sign up as long as they reside within your group/network, it is within one’s best interest to help everyone and that means trying to help others to get referrals as well. If that also means giving people referrals within my network then that’s what I would try to do.

Although I do have signups at this point, I first intend to invite friends and colleagues. If you are one of my readers or anyone else that has happen to sign up under me, feel free to contact me with the form above with your member ID code so that I can better keep track of the people in my network. The instructions again to sign up through me is to visit this link at or simply click here and fill out the appropriate fields.

Word of advice ahead of time though, if you do sign up make sure that you intend to have some fun with this as in my opinion this isn’t something where people should start dropping their daytime work for. If everything goes as planned from a business point of view and you have a lot of fun doing it, I’m sure everyone can go a long way with it. Until then, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas this week.

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