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White Spot And Baked Potatoes

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This was kind of a funny experience today. Although tomorrow is father’s day, we decided to take our dad out for dinner today due to scheduling conflicts. For the restaurant we decided to go to a place called White Spot. For the most part it’s a restaurant that offers a lot of burgers and other things like ribs. My dad decided to order a burger and as usual they ask you what you want on the side. In most cases people would ask for fries as an example.

My dad isn’t too big of a fan of French fries and so he asked if he could get a baked potato instead. The waitress said no problem and so everything seemed good. In receiving the dish they gave him sweet potato French fries. The assumption was that they simply got the order wrong and so we brought this to the person’s attention and they apologized and said that they would bring out the bake potato in a bit.

Awhile later the person returns with a smile and puts the dish down and walks away. Everyone in the table was just utterly confused as this clearly wasn’t a baked potato but rather a poutine of some sort. I guess my dad didn’t really want to ask for it to be corrected again and so he accepted it. Some people say this is being too Canadian huh?

I was so curious about how someone could get this wrong this many times and so I quickly looked at the company website to see if they even had baked potatoes. As stated on the site, this was apparently the only thing on the menu that had the word “baked potato” in it:

“Baked Potato Poutine
Cheese curds & gravy loaded with classic baked potato toppings – bacon, sour cream & green onion.”

So they just happen to have a poutine labelled as “baked potato” by the looks of it. We got a good laugh out at that. At the same time, it sure shows how as a business you can confuse the customer with simply the naming of a dish. We did have to pay extra for that dish too which wasn’t too nice. At least if I ever go back to the place I’ll know next time to really confirm with the employee if their idea of a baked potato is the same.

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