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When You See Smaller People Stealing Your Work

Interesting scenario this was I thought. Essentially, today I was notified by so many people that they saw this person who essentially took some content that I have created and added it into their creation as if they created it themselves. Of course, I never even heard of them and in no way did they acknowledge the sources that they got their material from. I was looking at what their intent and final product was and for the most part it seems like they wanted to get some attention by copying what they think works, so to speak.

If this was like a big company/organization you bet this would probably be a Samsung Versus Apple kind of thing where each company will tear each other to shreds in the courtroom. What would you do in this situation though where the “offender” for the most part is simply this small unknown? That’s where it got interesting as immediately it seemed like so many people were like “take them down now” kind of ordeal. Granted, the site that they published on does have a quick feature that allows you to report things like copyright complaints where they will take swift action.

In situations like this I am inclined initially to just send them an e-mail and hoping that they have the common sense to realize their errors. However, I know a lot of people would say otherwise as in like a business environment you need to simply crush people like that right away. Maybe it’s just me, but in some ways I would attest it to being a little too harsh as if it was like a five year old who all of a sudden thought downloading copyrighted music from certain sites was cool that when caught you then put them in jail.

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