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When You Realize You Get Less Than Others For The Same Price

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I was reading some articles of various video services here in Canada which has a main operation in the US. Essentially, think of it like Netflix and the topic was how the Canadian version essentially costs more money and you get extremely less content. Knowing this fact alone got a lot of people to not want to support the services even if they don’t intend to use say the other 60% of content.

I guess in these cases it’s all about perception where as the consumer you tend to interpret it as the company is trying to rip you off, so to speak. In reality this probably has to do with licensing issues. Even when it comes to price comparing I usually try to compare what an item costs in the US compared to here before making a purchase as many times businesses simply charge more for items here just because they can. So it’s a good way to exercise your opinion with your dollar.

It’s usually a good indicator too in terms of what is a good price range you should wait for in terms of a sale price.

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