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When Wanting To Hangout Means Wanting A Business Favor

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A funny thing happened recently where with a ton of people staying indoors that means social isolation where many have never seen others in-person for a while. As you may expect, for many the first chance they get they want to start hanging around the people that they normally do. That’s what surprised me as all of a sudden this one person contacted me expressing how he wanted to hangout. My assumption was that he just wanted to see people he hasn’t for awhile but then the other part of my thought kicked in where there was something wrong.

I determined before that this person in general only ever seemed to want to contact me whenever he needed something. For example, help in promoting some of his work. There was actually one time where I gave him a lot of help and from my observation what he did was he tried to hide any reference that I actually helped him in order to make himself look good. So from then on I actually was straight that if he ever requires this kind of aid in the future then I would have to treat him like everyone else where it becomes business per se.

At first I didn’t really think much because of the pandemic situation. But then it happened in a rather funny way. I never gave him any commitment to meet up but he apparently went to a place where I said I may drop by. It’s almost like he was camping out for me. I then got a message of him asking if I was there and I said I wasn’t. He didn’t want to stay out for too long due to the pandemic items and so I told him he should just go home. Then he mentioned how he actually wanted me to do something for him which is why he wanted to meet up. I guess you could say, some things never change.

That does seem to be a thin many times business wise where people who all of a sudden want to hangout actually want something from you which is unfortunate. In my opinion, you should actually invest genuine time in building a relationship with a person. I know even for work people easily remember others that way when they need to hire or someone being enthusiastic to help. I suppose in this situation I will maintain physical distance from the person as outlined by the health officials.

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