When The Success Smokescreen Catches Up
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When The Success Smokescreen Catches Up

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This was kind of odd to watch where there was a person complaining how due to some recent changes in his industry his business has been performing very poorly. Despite having a customer database of tens of thousands of people nobody is buying from him as all the changes makes it more appealing for people to support other businesses. While on a surface level that may seem very unfortunate I know for a fact this person essentially fakes a lot of his numbers. His sales and results are actually consistently the same despite the industry changes.

But because most people don’t know you then see him hopping along the victim train of sort in hopes to get additional support. I was just thinking how in this case all the false accomplishments that he gloated about before is coming back to haunt him in many ways. Would you ever just come out clean in these cases or hope that something will just turn around? It’s odd for a person like me looking on from the outside as you can’t really trust anything they say until then.

It probably is an easier way to try and speed up acceptance, so to speak, where people assume if you are some kind of bigshot then they can’t go wrong. But when the goods you produce simply can’t sustain the level of success you are trying to portray it’s probably wiser to exit until you figure out something that actually works. The stain on your history with that will probably last a long time if not forever.

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