When The Shipping Cost Is More Than The Actual Item

When The Shipping Cost Is More Than The Actual Item

I was reading about this deal on a computer case today where for whatever reason the price of it was below $15. While that was a deal, since this was an online only store you would have to get the item shipped. The funny thing was the shipping cost was almost $20. Of course that kind of killed the deal in many ways. Even though it was still technically cheaper than the regular price, it made it less appealing to get.

It really makes me wonder when it comes to deals like these on whether or not companies are actually aware of this or if it is simply due to an automated process. I know that when it comes to auction sites like Ebay that is a common pricing strategy where people make the item itself cheap where they then try to make it back in the shipping fees. I guess because of that I have a bit of a bias where when I see prices like that I sometimes assume the business is trying to pull a fast one on you and as a result I tend to not want to buy from them.

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