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When Super Fresh And Healthy Just Doesn’t Make Financial Sense

ginseng root

I was in the store today looking for some ginger where it’s not too expensive. In my case, it was 99 cents per pound. People have always said ginseng is kind of like ginger too but apparently better. I then saw the price for some fresh ginger and I honestly couldn’t believe the price. It was almost $35 for one pond of fresh ginseng. At times like that it makes me think how it just doesn’t make financial sense to get fresh items like these.

II can’t help to think it’s almost like you can feed yourself the whole week with that much money where despite how good everyone says this ginseng may be you can find things that are just healthy and probably a better option if you are tight on a budget. Like there, if I insisted in getting ginseng I would probably go with dehydrated ones while spending the money on other essential items for my lifestyle.

If you think about it, if getting that item will make you healthy where at the same time it drives you into debt which creates stress then it really isn’t that “healthy” anymore. That’s something we don’t think about enough of I think where we often buy these items because people say it is good for us. That may well be the case, but if creates a lot of financial stress to the point where it affects your health then it isn’t a good use of money.

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