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Wasteful Feeling By Not Using Up Coupons

I was just looking at these event coupons that are on my desk which don’t expire until the end of November of this year. These are all for free admissions to business/networking events and it is kind of surprising to see how many I would have to attend to use it all up. Just to entice you even more they write down the apparent “value” of each of them which makes you more inclined to want to use it. Otherwise it basically feels like you are throwing a lot of money away.

The same thing goes for coupons that you would use in say stores. The most common one here that feels kind of wasteful if I can’t find a reasonable way to use it are those spend over $250 and save $30 coupons at the supermarket. I guess the fact that it is a place that you buy stuff from all the time which you also need makes you feel a little annoyed by not being able to think of a smart way to take advantage of it.

What I do sometimes though is that in such a scenario I would simply see if anyone else like a friend would want to simply combine a shopping bill as we were going to spend that much in total anyways and we may as well split the savings as it is better than nothing. I’ve actually seen people in stores do something similar with complete strangers and it is always interesting to see the reactions they would get.

I don’t feel bad about not using coupons for things that I normally would not want in the first place though.

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