Warranties That Promise To Cover Everything

Warranties That Promise To Cover Everything

I was at a toy store shopping for gifts today and I heard a conversation where an associate was trying to sell a person an extended warranty of sort. The interesting thing was he was pitching it where this warranty could be used even if the owner intentionally broke it by throwing it in water or say dropping it where the physical damage would cause it to not function. He would basically get a gift card which would be worth the same value of the purchased item.

While in the past I would say this is most likely an over eager associate trying to get a sale, in this case I believe that is how the warranty works as a lot of places nowadays are fully willing to replace things like scratched discs. It’s probably a tempting proposal too for people buying gifts for children. At the same time, I wonder if the traditional statistics are still true for this where most people who buy warranties never actually use it.

Would you ever purposely damage a product just to take advantage of this offer? Example, if you bought a $2000 TV and in the clause it specifically says they will credit you back for whatever reason do you think it is unethical to purposely break it in three years to get a better TV? I don’t think I would personally as it just seems strange and wrong even if they do say that is perfectly fine.

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