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Wanting To Keep A Low Profile Financially When Meeting People

I was thinking the other day as there was a gathering with a bunch of people and it seemed like a lot of people used a speed networking type of approach to try and see if various people are someone they would like to professionally associate with I guess you can say. It was funny yet not surprising I suppose on how so many people used financial related qualifiers to determine if people were successful or not.

Some of them were pretty superficial such as wondering if people had their own office space in the busy downtown sector or even the type of vehicles they drive. I was even thinking do things like these really tell you how successful an entrepreneur is? There are so many rich people too that look like just an average Joe as they don’t feel the need to have expensive items.

At times like that it makes me think how sometimes it’s good to just keep a low profile financially because I think the person doing the “evaluating” has to be a bit wiser than everyone else to find those types of people in the bunch. It’s almost a way for you to pre-screen people too. Often times when you advertise your wealth too much then you often attract the wrong type of people too.

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