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Waiting Until The Very Last Day of Store Closing Sales

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I was at a store today that was advertising that it was having a store closing sale and sure enough there were a lot of 70% off signs. The thing was it seemed like they were selectively putting certain items on sale where a large majority of the items were still at regular prices. That then got me thinking how you usually need to wait at the very last day for these kinds of sales to get the real deals as by then the company will truly want to dump everything.

The only bad thing of course is many times people will end up buying things even if it isn’t a good deal because of the whole notion that the items are on sale. That means there is a chance if you ant too long the items in general will be gone. At the same time, in many cases you can usually expect people such as workers of the business snatching up the really good deals for themselves first. The funny thing about this place though is that they didn’t have any fine prints saying no returns and exchanges. Therefore, you can pretty much price protect the item if it does become cheaper at the very last days. That sure saves a lot of the guessing game factor.

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