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Waiting For Real Reviews Before Making Those Impulse Purchases

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Recently there were some new items that were released that got a lot of people hyped as the company paid a ton of money for people to promote the good side of it. A lot of people did buy it based on impulse too. Just a week later people started to see real reviews from people who weren’t in a sense paid to promote the product and instantly the hype disappeared for many people. There seemed to be a lot of buyer’s remorse too.

It makes me think of the importance when it comes to buying new things that you don’t necessarily need right away. Just waiting even for a week can potentially show you that maybe you don’t really need or want it which means you save a ton of money. Usually by then with things like tech stuff you start to hear about the next greatest thing that is coming up very soon. That often means holding out for the next where at the same time you would only want to buy what you just saw if you truly really needed it.

Unless you really have the money to spend it just seems wiser to wait for real reviews too per se from people who have no inventive to tell you if something is good or bad where you can then compare that with the people who are paid to do so. In many ways it’s an extra step to getting you to wait a few days before making rash decisions.

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