Waiting For One Big Sale or Exploring Them All
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Waiting For One Big Sale or Exploring Them All

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Black Friday is coming soon and like most people I am holding back on purchases to try and see what kind of deals there will. What surprised me is how for many people they actually try and hold off all their big purchases until this day specifically. Then afterwards they kind of just settle with whatever they can find on the day.

I personally think this isn’t too good of an idea as you can often find good if not better deals throughout the year as well. With that it’s more about researching what the lowest or realistic sale price for an item can get before you jump on it regardless of the sales event. That would mean as well that you need to research all of the sales of course as opposed to just putting all that effort on one day.

Doesn’t that seem like the best thing to do as well not only for your frugal shopping knowledge but at the same time preventing you from having to settle with bad sale deals? Make those companies work for your hard earned dollars too I say. In many cases companies know people will buy because of the frenzy. Explore all the sales instead so that you can actually go with the best value purchase.

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