Waiting For The Last Yearly Sale or the New Years Return Frenzy
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Waiting For The Last Yearly Sale or the New Years Return Frenzy


Here in Canada there is only one big sales day left which is Boxing Day. That comes right after Christmas and is pretty much like another Black Friday. While there are probably going to be some good deals it made me think how usually after Christmas the deals can come when everyone starts doing their return and exchanges. Usually retail companies want to recoup their losses and so they continue to throw heavily discounted prices before the end of its fiscal year.

It got me thinking as people usually hold off for a big sales event but in this case which one would you actually wait for? Usually people have the mindset that Boxing Day is the last day and so they spend all their money then. But with this example I always say there is always a sale of some sort happening and the best deals may come at the non-sales events.

Given a choice I have often unless you need a specific item exactly at a certain moment you can usually hunt for better deals during the return periods. Especially if it is a seasonal item of sort. That’s usually more of an incentive for a company to try and get rid of it quickly.

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