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Waiting For A Deal So Long It’s Now Irrelevant

I was thinking of buying a specific PC monitor last year except I wasn’t happy with the prices I saw. Therefore, I constantly held off. It has literally been over a year and even with all the sales this year there was no deal to be found for it. Interestingly enough, it’s been so long that the technology is now outdated where it makes more sense to get something more modern day.

In some ways that is good as it goes to show I never really needed it. If I do buy something now it will be better. At the same time, if this was something that would increase my productivity waiting this long for the right deal can in a way cost you time which translates to money. Sometimes there has to be that balance of waiting for the best deal and actually getting it if price is alright.

Grocery shopping is the best examples of this where if you need food for the week then you are going to have to settle for the best deal at the moment. Can’t win them all in terms of always getting rock bottom deals.

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