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Waiting For Accounting Software To Drop Sharply In Price

quickbooks 2016 70% off inuit

I saw this offer today for the popular accounting software QuickBooks Pro and Quickbooks Premiere where you could get it for like 70% off the retail price. Normally they would retail for about $299 to $499. But as you can see in this case you could get it from the official site for about $89 to $149. The thing about this pricing is that the sharp price drop is so common for this stuff where I always see it at least once a year. Therefore, it’s almost silly to not wait for the sale.

quickbooks 2016 70% off inuit

To me it seems like they assume by this time most professionals that wanted the software got it already due to things like tax time for the year. So this is kind of like the remaining potential customer base. I actually don’t see why you would need to rush update an accounting software in most cases. Some people even keep the older version for quite a while before deciding to upgrade.

Would you ever want to pay full retail for items like these after seeing this even though this may qualify as a necessary item to run your annual accounting? I would be inclined to find ways to hold off until you see like the yearly sharp price drop with that amount of savings. Especially if you are just using it for like a simple home based business.

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