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Very Last Moment Sales Before A Store Closes Down For Good

I heard some rumblings today that there are a few Target Canada stores that are potentially going to discount everything that still remains in the store for about 80% to 90% off on the very last two hours of the store openings. Generally speaking, I would expect there to be very basic stuff left such as batteries and a lot of clothing items.

I never actually seen a store liquidated like this in its very last moments. I must say, it sounds tempting to try too for the sake of seeing what it is like. I think the only thing I would really buy at those times are things like chocolate as gifts as I am assuming there is not going to be much of anything else left. I did find it kind of funny for people that bought a hoard of batteries as even with the savings you could buy a rechargeable kit that is cheaper and will last longer. Then again, a lot of the customers during these times are actually businesses.

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