Very Inspective With Cheap Fruits And Vegetables
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Very Inspective With Cheap Fruits And Vegetables

I showed a picture of some strawberries I saw today on Twitter and as you can see they are extremely cheap at 99 cents a box. Even for a person like me this sounds a little too cheap to the point where it made me wonder if there was anything wrong with it. Example, is it old? Is half of the product inedible?

Overall they seemed okay. From what I gathered they aren’t as fresh as what I would normally see and so they probably want to dump it as fast as possible. It did make me think though that many people say they shop at stores that charge premium prices so that you don’t ever have to worry about quality. Maybe it’s just me, but regardless of which store I go to I always scrutinize the product if it seems too cheap.

Usually visiting different stores is to see a different variety of products as a way to educate myself about what I am buying and what’s out there. You also start to realize common reasons why something is so cheap where it shouldn’t matter much such as cosmetic bruises on a piece of fruit. Just one of the many ways to educate yourself to save more money.

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