Doing It Versus Wanting To Be Perfect

Doing It Versus Wanting To Be Perfect

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I was thinking recently about a way that a person could document their business growth progress as it is something they actually wanted to do but expressed they would have no time for it. In a perfect world they would have cameras following them around and a team of people to edit the content on a daily basis. That is not an option of course. After thinking about it what came across my mind was why not do it the quick way by just live streaming parts of one’s day? It’s actually something many do nowadays and it technically requires no additional work after you documented everything.

Many would say the production value wouldn’t be that good if you are just doing things live like that. However, I am inclined to say in many cases I would be better to actually do something than to try and be perfect as a reason not to do it. Like in this case too you could always try it with very little risk if you think about it. Where if it doesn’t work then not much loss. That is versus not doing it and giving it a chance to grow into something great.

I am usually a big fan of starting something and then making adjustments as you grow whatever it is that you are doing. Because you never know how things may change in the process as that usually helps you to discover exactly what works for you as well. But the key is you need to actually start doing it.

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