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Vancouver Penthouse Better Security Than The US Capitol Sign

With all the news surrounding the protests around the Capitol Hill area in the US I was seeing all these images online where apparently a penthouse business in Vancouver placed a message on its sign that said “Better Security Than The US Capitol” which it supposed to be taking a jab on how there seemed to be very little police officers as an example to stop the crowd from entering.

You never know if these things are fake nowadays. But sure enough I went there to see if it was real and it was. What it got me thinking is how using references like these in your messages can be an effective way to generate attention. That’s usually a common practice for a lot of TV shows as an example to incorporate things like pop culture references to make it more appealing.

You could argue that this is in bad taste since it is referencing a serious situation. But so far it doesn’t seem like the business is getting negative press versus just plain attention as people are taking it in a light-hearted way. Probably has a lot to do with the type of business as well.

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