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Vancouver City Hiring A $95,000 Social Media Worker During The Pandemic

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With all the talk about how the city of Vancouver is going bankrupt due to the COVID-19 pandemic where the solution presented was to literal just give them more provincial aid, I was one to say that is odd that they don’t seem to be even attempting to innovate and adjust to the times. For example, using the opportunity to review what they truly need and don’t need like how any other financially responsible person would do.

You bet this was a shocker to read today where the city had to slash its sanitation budget from about $300,000 and reducing that by $125,000. So they are definitely making cuts in something you could argue is kind of important during these times. At the same time they have apparently hired a person to manage its social media operations at a $95,000 a year salary. How does that even make any sense huh?

It would be like an everyday person complaining if they don’t have money they won’t be able to pay the rent. So their first action is to cut the food bill but then hire a stylist to help them get dressed for work. Like there where are the priorities? It makes you wonder if this is a financial literacy issue or just an over the top example of never having to budget in one’s life per se.

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