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Using The Word Hiring And Volunteer Together Is Puzzling

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Nowadays it’s not unusual for even large businesses to embrace various free online platform to do their hiring. Not only is it free but because there are often more users on various free sites that can often mean more potential candidates too. One thing that was interesting though are how many people consider volunteer work as “hiring” which doesn’t really make any sense.

Essentially some businesses are looking for interns of sort, which technically still needs to be paid here, where they advertise it as an awesome opportunity where they are hiring new people. Then at the end they mention how people need to treat it as volunteer work as the company for whatever reason cannot afford to pay people.

People often say for employees or those seeking work you should be careful as to what you put out there as it could affect how companies see you. I am inclined to say with examples like these the same holds true for the employer or companies. It works both ways huh? If you don’t have the budget to hire people saying it’s hiring but no pay doesn’t exactly make it sensible.

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