Using What’s Old As New Again

Using What’s Old As New Again

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While browsing through the store I saw that there was an upcoming release of a video game that happened to be a collection title. It was a series collection of a game made way back during the 1980’s to 1990’s. Nothing has been changed or updated in terms of the quality which got me thinking because the price of the game is being sold like virtually every other brand new recent game. Do you ever use your old inventions or content in a repackaged way?

In those cases it’s almost pure profit as the company is essentially capitalizing on nostalgia to guarantee a lot of sales where at the same time it can be introduced to new people as well. It makes me think too because sometimes maybe an item never received the right attention during a specific period. Therefore, re-introducing it can in many ways make sense as well. Almost like a lost piece of artwork where in a modern time it is so much more valuable.

Even in some stores they are selling old style records for an insanely high price. Just another factor to think about if you have some old stuff laying around that you think can be revitalized.

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