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Using Up Old Resources

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This was an interesting thought as a person was telling me that many times when people change their corporate identity for example that means new business cards and brochures. As well, in most cases for these scenarios people simply throw away thousands of dollars in resources as obviously they can’t use the old designs. He was then saying because of this he always thought ahead of time where when he was thinking of re-branding he made sure that it was timed right so that he would use up all his old business cards before using his new ones for example.

Now his scenario involved things like a number contact change which is why he created new material. However, he mentioned that financially it was extremely cheaper to simply purchase a number redirect for about six months which would give him plenty of time to adapt people who do contact him with his old number as a result of his old cards. It just made more sense rather than throwing away thousands of dollars in resources.

This might not make sense in a smaller scale of course such as if you are a sole proprietor who only has a small amount of materials. In that case it’s probably better to just find a way to recycle it.

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