Using The Word Invest As A Sales Gimmick

Using The Word Invest As A Sales Gimmick

Like every year at tax time a lot of people are expecting some kind of refund and retailers want a piece of that. What was interesting was that I was reading a sales ad for one company and they were saying how you should just save your money but rather invest it. In this case, “investing” it was basically buying some kind of product from them. For example, a fridge, computer, etc.

I couldn’t help but to giggle a bit when I read that as the headline just makes me wonder how many people that would entice to buy something. Almost reminds me of non essential items for kids and the way they get the parents to buy it is that they continually advertise the products as an investment to your child’s future.

For myself, I would always consider circumstances like that as a “sale” whereas investment would revolve around buying an item for things like productivity or specifically to make more money.

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