Using Targeted Coupon Offers For New Products or Not
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Using Targeted Coupon Offers For New Products or Not

For one supermarket I was given a lot of digital coupons to buy what appears to be a new product in the store. Obviously the company felt I would be interested in it where this would be a good extra nudge to make a purchase. The retail price itself seemed kind of expensive where even with the coupon it felt like a regular price for most other similar products. As a result, I held off on a purchase.

Funny enough, since today was a new flyer day the price of this exact same item is now on sale where it is even cheaper than if I bought it at the regular price with the coupon. This is actually pretty common too I found which is why even if I was given a coupon I usually don’t use it to buy an item I wouldn’t have normally unless the price seems ridiculously good. A lot of people would say using the coupon in this case is like getting a sale price anyways. For the sake of money I don’t usually think that is good enough for non-necessity purchases. If it was like the sale price where I could add the coupon afterwards then you got my interest at least financially.

Having double discount offers like that usually encourages me to at least research the product to see if it would be worth a try. Other than that, I kind of just see coupons like these as like a commercial. I think that’s important for saving money overall as mundane as it sounds as a lot of people buy simply because they were given the discount offer. If you think about it, if it’s like a new food product too and you simply want to try it getting free samples is highly likely at the store for a new product launch too.

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