Using Store Price Check Scanners To Find Deals
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Using Store Price Check Scanners To Find Deals

While in the supermarket today I decided to check out the clearance section as I found you can usually find decent deals for products that the store needs to get rid of before it becomes expired and undesirable to purchase. At first I saw this raw pineapple just for almost $2 and the regular price is apparently almost $7. So that sounded like a good deal. I then saw next to it were these sparkling water but there was no price.

Now stores usually have price scanners and so what I did was that I took two bottles which had different flavours and scanned them. For most of the flavors it mentioned that the price was about 98 cents each which seems kind of normal. But when I scanned the mandarin orange one you could see that it was 44 cents each with a limit of four. So I bought that one as I knew someone who likes this stuff.

It’s a great example how many times if you are thinking of buying something scanning the item to verify the price can surprise you many times. There could be price errors where the label isn’t marked properly or like in this case different varieties of the same item are priced differently. They are there for you to use after all.

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