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Using Services For No Reason Other Than It Is Cheap

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Many times when you see a great deal it can seem so cheap that it feels silly not to take advantage of it. For example, seeing a bag of chips at the supermarket that you wouldn’t normally buy for 10 cents probably sounds silly not to get it at that price. But how about for services that you truly don’t need to use where because it is so cheap you in a sense you find a way to use it just so you can say you got a great deal?

That’s what I was seeing with this deal in regards to shipping parcel. Apparently a company was having a deal where you could literally send a small parcel across the country for less than one dollar. That’s definitely really cheap if you actually had things to send. But that’s the thing where many people didn’t really have anything to send but wanted to use it anyways. For example, sending a person a bag of potato chips that the person can easily get locally.

This kind of thing does happen many times but it is just more humorous when it comes to stuff like this. It’s almost like when it comes to saving money many of us do it for the sake of building a resume of sort even though ironically spending money that way goes against actually being responsibly fugal. I guess we need to have our fun too when saving money huh?

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