Using Online Test Results To Get Potential Clients

Using Online Test Results To Get Potential Clients

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With so many more people at home it’s no wonder websites are getting way more traffic than normal. With that too I have noticed more people sending links to these personality tests ranging from ones that guess your favorite color to questionnaires that is supposed to give you detailed analysis on what your personality is like. What I have noticed is that a lot of these tests allow you to take it for free but not give you the answer unless you provide them some contact details. For example, your e-mail address.

It’s clearly designed as a way to build an e-mail list of potential clients and customers to advertise too. Marketers often stress the importance of building things like an e-mail list so that you have full control of the audience and following that you have built regardless of which platform you have obtained those contacts from.

I am usually a little concerned about things like spam when I see these kinds of requirements. That’s why I usually use a junk e-mail of sort for these occasions if I really feel the need to see what the results were. Unless it’s from a business I know and already have a relationship with. It should make you think too where creating something “fun” per se can be a good way to find new clients.

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