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Using More Than One Platform To Spread Your Message

I was thinking today as there was a topic about using multiple platforms to spread your message. The reason being is that every place offers something different and this way you have options as to where to go in case one place closes down. As well you wouldn’t be limiting yourself in the sense of tying your business down with one specific source.

I always find this to be a little tricky as I guess the comparison is like using social media sites. It can be easy to become overwhelmed or neglecting one source by spreading yourself out too much. Like there many times people would say just focus on one platform and be good at it. But in many ways as well I guess if you are doing a business it’s kind of like your job as well to stay updated on everything.

The only real middle ground I have found is to focus on one which you feel gives you the best results for what you need. Afterwards you don’t completely ignore the other options but experiment with them as well. Almost like a person working multiple jobs where people usually have one full time job that they focus the majority of their energy on.

I think nowadays it’s important to diversify and use as many different platforms a well because things change so fast. By the time you enter when something is already established it can be in many ways too late as it is already overcrowded. So better to at least get your feet a little wet even if you are not fully plunging in.

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