Using Up Your Old Marketing Materials or Not

Using Up Your Old Marketing Materials or Not

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This was a funny scenario as a person was apparently going through his old stuff and found a bunch of old business cards. They still had the correct contact information but since it was from such a long time ago the design of it wasn’t the same in comparison to the other marketing materials. He kind of laughed about it and decided to use it anyways as the information is still good. Made me wonder, would you actually still use old material like this for the sake of using it up?

Financially it makes sense resource wise of course as business cards can be expensive to print depending on the quality. Imagine finding a whole box that was about $50 to print as an example and just throwing that away. It would feel so wasteful to do so and if the purpose of the card is to just provide contact information then you may as well use it.

I guess the argument would be if the design is outdated as an example then that could leave a bad impression to the person you are giving it to with the worst case being if the design is outdated that perception will carry on to you and your business as a whole too. Then again I wonder how many people would really be that critical. Would you be inclined to just use up old materials like this as well or just throw it away?

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