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Using Job Advertisements As Company Ads

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This was a sneaky tactic I read the other day which also in many ways makes me wonder if it is counter productive. There was a new business that wanted to get the word out about its business to attract more customers. Instead of doing things such as coming up with sales campaigns they went on a job hiring spree where they posted help wanted ads everywhere.

This then resulted in people talking about this company and wondering who they were as well as natural word of mouth that occurred from job seekers. Thing was, most if not all of the positions weren’t even valid as the company was already fully staffed. So they were simply using it as another way to increase exposure for the business.

Makes you wonder how counterproductive or effective that is. I would think that you are not targeting the right people. So in that sense it is kind of a waste of money and effort. I guess with so many free places to advertise nowadays too such as craigslist that you have nothing really to lose financially by doing so. Suppose in that sense it’s more about the job seekers themselves being attentive in recognizing such advertisements.

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