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Using Heartbreaking Stories As A Sales Pitch

Recently I was watching a pitch on that Shark Tank show where no investors seemed interested in the business which of course means the entrepreneur walks away with nothing. While most just accept defeat and move on this person seemed really persistent in wanting to tell about his struggles in life and how he overcame those obstacles. The reaction he got for the most part was they are just looking at it from a business perspective and will still pass on it.

As I was watching that America’s got talent show there were some acts that got extreme praises for simply being high skill and quality without any build up where you would say feel sorry for the person. That was reflective in the public comments as well where people seemed relieved to see acts that won purely based on skill.

So it got me to think, do you intentionally tell people about traumatic past experiences as a strategy to win people over to get you business? Because like here I would assume it has to work to a certain extent for people to insist people should hear about it during a business pitch.

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